The Proper Term Is, I Believe, Boo-Yah

The Wien Oireachtas/continental feis, leg injury, new steps, old ones changed. Two weeks of no practicing just before the feis. Increasing leg pain and weakness on the day. Wasn’t expecting much.

Came home with this.



This is my first ever trophy on anything. I bloody well only went and won one of my dances while injured, despite of messing up my steps.
So, yes. Boo-Yah.

Other placements were 7th or 8th places, except the intermediate reel, which was one of the last placements announced. One might think I am disappointed with that, but on the contrary I’m quite pleased. I messed up quite badly there too and by that time my leg was hurting rather badly and really wasn’t supporting my weight as well as it should. So if I can place in intermediate reel in THAT situation, there’s no telling how far I can get when healthy.


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